“Experience the Art of Surf Launching”

Certification qualifies you for up to a 100 ton sport & recreation vessel and a 20 ton commercial vessel. Your Safety is our concern. Over 60 000 student surf launches over a period of 15 years with no serious injuries.

In order to obtain a certificate of competence for small power driven vessels from the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) the following procedure can be followed:

Practical at Sodwana Bay Camp Jonathan:

  • 4 Days – Thursday 07h00 to Sunday 13h00.
  • 12 Qualifying surf launches on our specially rigged trainer boats.
  • Both semi-rigid and ski-boats will be trained on to obtain endorsements for category B (40 Nautical miles offshore) or C (15 Nm) – “experience dependent”.
  • The theory examination is conducted during the 4 day course in Sodwana Bay.

Extra Specialities covered:

  • Technical information of hull design and deck layout
  • Maintenance, servicing and operation of outboard motors
  • How to recover and restore a capsized rig
  • Medical CPR, near drowning and dive medical problems
  • How to buy new and second hand boats
  • GPS theory and practical
  • Fish finding theory and practical
  • Commercial dive charter practices
  • How to start game fishing and spear fishing

R 8 900 including books, map, lectures by SAMSA authorised trainers, practical training, theoretical examination and 4 nights self catering accommodation. (No rebate will be given if students choose other accommodation)

A certificate of competence will be issued by SAMSA


* Please verify dates before
* booking.
* Bookings will only be confirmed * after proof of full payment has * been received.
* Cancellation will result in a 20% * forfeiture of total fee.